Startup Seed Funding for the Rest of Us

How to raise $1 million for your startup — even outside of Silicon Valley.
Written and curated by Mike Belsito

Ever since we went through the process of raising $1 Million for eFuneral — the startup I co-founded in 2011 — I’ve been approached by countless founders (usually first-timers) asking me a single question:  How did you do that?

At first, I didn’t have a great answer.  The truth is, there’s no real magic formula or regimented process for raising a $1 Million in startup seed funding — at least not one with guaranteed results.  But as I reflected, I realized that there were actually things that we did that made a big difference in finding the capital we needed to get eFuneral started.  So I decided to do something I’ve never done before…

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  • Ed Jones

    That’s so cool. I just saw you guys yesterday on PBS startups show. Not sure if the film was current or older, but worth checking out.

    • Thanks, Ed! That video was from the summer of 2013. But it’s fun to see it on TV, as they’ve re-run it several time since.