Dear Technical Startup Founders: Get Ready to Sell

If you’re a technical founder, you don’t need to worry about having to sell anything — right? Wrong. This article talks about why every startup founder — even the technical founders — must be able to sell, and outlines the different groups that will need to be sold to.

What Happens When a Startup Fails?

The death of a startup is difficult for everybody involved. The death of a startup called “eFuneral” is admittedly ironic — but it doesn’t make things any easier. In this interview with Crain’s Cleveland Business, I talk about the death and failure of eFuneral

The Hacker, The Hipster, and the Suit

Morris Wheeler is an active angel investor and mentor to startup companies throughout the United States. What is he looking for in the startup teams he invests in? Hackers, Hipsters, and Suits.