What is “Outside of the Valley”?

Silicon Valley is a special place.  It’s true that within “The Valley” — things are just different.  There’s a different mindset from founders and investors and a different environment in which they operate.  There’s a supportive ecosystem, good access to capital, and enough general activity where serendipity and chance encounters can play a big role in attracting talent, finding a co-founder, and meeting investors.

But this website isn’t for those who are inside of Silicon Valley.  It’s for those who live in a decidedly “un-Valley” community.  This is for those who feel like they live in a place that may not exactly get what it is that they’re doing — and that’s perfectly OK with them.  This is for those who feel like they need to fight, scratch, and claw to get the attention of potential investors and employees.  This is for those who don’t identify with “monster party rounds” — but instead, are more concerned with finding that first customer dollar.

Silicon Valley is certainly deserving of its appeal.  But I live outside of Silicon Valley…and am proud of it.  If you feel the same way, Outside of the Valley was written just for you.

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