I Can’t Take Your Money For Making Introductions

This past few years, I’ve found myself talking to quite a few startup founders that are trying to navigate their way to raising capital.  I can usually see in the Founder’s eyes just how far along they are in the process.  Those that have been…

4 Founders/Investors Featured in my Book on Seed Capital

Just a few months ago, I unknowingly started going down the path of doing something I’ve never done before — writing a book for founders raising seed capital. The book began with my own experiences, but morphed into me interviewing 14 different founders and investors to learn from their experiences as well. This post reveals four of those founders and investors featured in the book.

Dear Technical Startup Founders: Get Ready to Sell

If you’re a technical founder, you don’t need to worry about having to sell anything — right? Wrong. This article talks about why every startup founder — even the technical founders — must be able to sell, and outlines the different groups that will need to be sold to.

Do I have to move my startup to Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is the land where startup dreams are made. Fast Teslas. Multi-million dollar party rounds. Founders and investors everywhere you turn. You have to move your startup there to be successful, right? I’m not so sure.