9 Can’t Miss Startup Events of 2016 (Outside of Silicon Valley and NYC)

In major startup hubs like Silicon Valley or New York City, there are no shortage of events and gatherings for tech entrepreneurs.  But make no mistake:  There are world class events for startup entrepreneurs everywhere — even outside of these startup meccas. The following is a collection of…

An Outsider’s Guide to Visiting Silicon Valley

Despite the fact that this blog — and my recent book — are about startup nuances outside of Silicon Valley, the truth is that it’s a very special place for a startup entrepreneur to be. Here are a few tips if you’re an outsider like me planning a visit.

Raising Startup Seed Capital Outside of Silicon Valley

Despite the fact that there’s more capital available to seed-stage startups than perhaps anytime in history, it’s still not easy to raise startup seed capital — especially outside of Silicon Valley. This post describes steps that founders can take to help them raise the seed capital that they need.

Becoming a Leader in Your Own Startup Community

Sometimes being in a smaller startup community offers some benefits. You can be the big fish in a smaller pond. But how do you become that “big fish”? How do you become a true leader in your own startup community, wherever that may be?

How Jason Calacanis Values Startups (and Why I Disagree)

Famed entrepreneur and investor Jason Calacanis recently shared a staged-approach for how founders new to (or outside of) Silicon Valley can raise capital and value their startups. Unfortunately, it’s just not realistic.

The Unspoken Rules of Startup Coffee Meetings

I’ve been to my fair share of coffee meetings — both as the person who has sent and received the invitation. But before you grab that latte with an investor or fellow entrepreneur, before you’re following the unspoken rules that exist.

4 More Investors/Founders Featured in My Book on Seed Capital

Just a few months ago, I unknowingly started going down the path of doing something I’ve never done before — writing a book for founders raising seed capital. The book began with my own experiences, but morphed into me interviewing 14 different founders and investors to learn from their experiences as well. This post reveals four more founders and investors featured in the book.